A couple of days ago LastPass announced that they have been acquired by the company LogMeIn. Apparently their long-term goal is to merge LastPass with Meldium which they acquired last year:

Following the close of the deal, LogMeIn plans to bring complementary capabilities of its early identity management investments, including those of Meldium, which it acquired in September 2014, into LastPass. In the near-term, both the Meldium and LastPass product lines will continue to be supported, with longer-term plans to center around a singular identity management offering based on the LastPass service and brand.

People on Hacker News and Reddit are overall very upset and many are now looking for alternatives to LastPass. One user made a nice post with a list of 15 alternative services.

I very much liked LastPass and I have been a premium customer for about 5 years. LastPass felt like a serious, small company with one single focus which you could trust. I have no experience with LogMeIn, but people in the above mentioned comments fields seem to be afraid about the direction they might steer LastPass in. I think LastPass is more or less feature complete and I don't like that they will merge it with Meldium. Meldium gives me a bad feeling.

Two self-managed alternatives I have been looking at are KeePass and Pass. Both are open source and support Linux, Firefox and Android. However, where KeePass is a Windows application which has been ported to Linux with the help of Mono, Pass is a more "true" Linux application. I like that Pass is primarily a terminal application which utilizes GPG for encryption and Git for syncing.

I installed KeePass and the Firefox add-on KeeFox, since KeePass seems to be highly popular. However, I think KeePass feels like a quite bloated and heavy setup, and its GUI radiates a Windows aura which disgusts me.

Screenshot of KeePass

My next step is to give Pass and its Firefox add-on passff a shot.