I own a OnePlus One Android phone, and have been using at as my primary phone for the last two years. Immediately when I got it, I rooted it and put CyanogenMod on it. I have been a loyal CyanogenMod user for a very long time, including previous phones. However, a few weeks ago, CyanogenMod reached a bitter end when Cyanogen Inc. decided to shut down the project. To replace it, a community effort called Lineage OS has started, and they have already released nightly builds for many phones. I find this reassuring, since OnePlus seem to have abandoned the OnePlus One, considering that the last version of their own ROM for the model was released a whole year ago, in January 19, 2016.

I was running CyanogenMod 13 (based on Android 6) and went to Lineage OS 14.1 (based on Android 7.1). It felt best to do a complete wipe of the phone and start anew, which is what I did. However, I did use the app oandbackup to backup all apps I had installed myself, and then restore them on Lineage. This was definitely a time saver!

The problem with Lineage OS though, is that it doesn’t include root, which is required by oandbackup to work. I therefore did also flash SuperSU onto the phone. With SuperSU on the phone, oandbackup worked almost flawlessly.

There are a few apps that won’t work correctly if they are copied (with oandbackup). For instance, a Swedish banking app I’m using had to be reconfigured, which I presume is due to security reasons. I also had to configure DAVdroid again. Another app I struggled with was Android Auto, which although worked (and since version 2 can be run stand-alone on your phone without connecting it to a car), but didn’t display any of my media apps. For Spotify, Audible and Pocket Casts to appear in Android Auto, I had to reinstall those apps.

While I was upgrading to Lineage OS, I also took the opportunity to upgrade the recovery software. I’m running TWRP, and upgraded it to 3.0.2.

Lineage OS, just as CyanogenMod, doesn’t come with any of Google’s proprietary apps pre-installed. I have been running phones and tablets without GApps in the past, but nowadays I prefer to have access to at least some apps from the Play Store. I therefore flashed the pico variant of the Open GApps binary onto the phone. However, it’s buggy, at least on Lineage OS. During the setup process of the phone, I was asked by GApps to copy my Google settings using NFC from my previous phone. But I don’t own a second phone. Luckily, I could borrow my brother’s Android phone and trick my way through that step and later cancel the copy process (because I sure didn’t want his accounts, apps and settings on my phone).

Now I have my phone set up and I feel at home once again. It seems to be a bit unstable though, since I have already experienced a few forced reboots. However, CyanogenMod has always behaved in the same way on this very same phone, so I’m not sure if I can blame Lineage OS for that.